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Bityard Nạp tối thiểu BTC≥0.05 để nhận thưởng tiền thưởng cho người đăng ký mới


Bityard Tiền thưởng người mới và thưởng giao dịch sẽ được trừ 20% ký quỹ khi khớp lệnh.

Bityard thưởng chào mừng, Bityard thưởng người mới, Bityard thưởng giao dịch, Bityard thưởng nạp lần đầu.


FEATURE bityard bonus logo bitmex logo bitfinex logo
Leverage BTC - 125x ETH - 100x
LTC - 50x XRP - 50
all digital assets
BTC - 3x ETH - 3x
LTC - 3x XRP - 3x
BTC - 3x ETH - 3x
LTC - 3x XRP - 3x
Cross-Margin Yes Yes Yes
Copy Trade Yes No No
Professional charting package Yes No No
Trade from charts Yes No No
Advanced order types Yes Yes Yes
Deposit options Bitcoin, 130+ altcoins, credit cards* Bitcoin Bitcoin, altcoins, fiat
Address whitelisting Yes No No
Trading fees 0.05% on digital assets 0.075% on BTC 0.25% on all other 0.1% - 0.2% on all assets
Native mobile app Yes No Yes
*through the integrated Changelly app

Bityard Trading Platform

What is Bityard?

Bityard is a leading online cryptocurrency contracts exchange. Bityard provides clients with access to premium liquidity and wide range of trading services such as spot trading, copy trade, up to 100x leverage contract trading, derivatives, Forex, and U.S. stock CFD.

Is Bityard safe?

Bityard is a legit cryptocurrency trading platform that is regulated and licensed under Singapore's ACRA, USA's MSB from Financial Crimes Enforcement Network which belongs to the United States Department of the Treasury for US based Bitcoin investors

Secure wallet

Withdraw, deposit, and store assets safely in your very own personal account on Bityard. All of our assets are safeguarded by bank-grade security and an offline cold storage asset system designed to protect against any possible risk or threat.

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Bityard Download App

Execute a variety of advanced order types such as market,
limit, and stop orders, as well as take profit, stop loss, and OCO orders (one cancels the other).
bityard bonus devices

Bityard Bonus Terms

1. Beginner Rewards and Trading Bonus can be deducted 20% of trading margin when placing an order.

2. First deposit coupon can only be claimed once, depending on the amount of the first deposit. The requirement may be adjusted as market condition changes. First deposit BTC≥0.05 / ETH≥2 / EOS≥190 / XRP≥2500 /TRX≥26000 and receive $5; First deposit BTC≥0.5 / ETH≥20 / EOS≥1900 / XRP≥25000 /TRX≥260000 and receive $50;

3. The Bonus cannot be withdrawal or exchanged for other coins, and cannot deduct the withdrawal fees, etc..

4. If there is any fraudulent arbitrage, Bityard has the rights to cancel your bonus..

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